About us

We envision GO to be the most admired, innovative and profitable provider within the Telecommunications Sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

GO aims to become the telecommunication service provider of choice by optimizing our resources to introduce world leading technologies.
GO is committed to serving the community and the environment by revolutionizing the telecommunication standards in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and providing world class services to our customers.

We only make promises that we can keep. We are straightforward and easy to understand. Our billing system is clear and transparent. Our Terms & Conditions and our Policies are simple and direct. Honesty is paramount in all that we do.

We constantly challenge the norms, we are innovative and solution orientated. We aim to surprise, delight and captivate our customers with our attention to the smallest details.
We pride ourselves on exceeding the expectations of our customers in all that we do.

We are confident in our ability to deliver quality products and superb services. We have a deep wealth of knowledge; we have scale, we excel in our delivery and we have an innovative spirit that drives us forward.

Respect for Others
We are accessible and approachable with our warm brand. We speak to people with ultimate respect for their individuality.
We strive to offer the best in telecommunication solutions by means of simplified user-friendly delivery.
We aim to serve all customers with the warm welcome and attention they deserve as we invite them into our universe of superior service.

For more information, please contact us at: info@go.com.sa