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 4G & Home Access Gateway

 Can I use my Home Access Gateway in any place?

You can use the CPE within Go coverage.

 Do I need a phone line to subscribe to 4G service?

No you don't need a phone line to subscribe to 4 service.

 Does the 4G connection require username and password?

No, you don't need to put any username or password.

 Does the Home Access Gateway have Wi-Fi technology?

Some of the device models has Wi-Fi technology.

 Does the Home Access Gateway require any settings to operate?

No. It is a "plug & play" device. It will work automatically upon activation of the service.

 Does the Home Access Gateway support 110v and 220v?

Yes. The CPE works on both electricity outlets 110v and 220v.

 How can I reset the Home Access Gateway?

You will find the reset button on the back of the CPE. Use a paperclip then press it for 10 seconds, after that the CPE will restart automatically.
*Note: We strongly recommend that You Don’t Reset the CPE unless you have been asked to do so from a Customer Care Representative.

 What is 4G technology?

4G is the next generation of Wi-Fi technology enabling customers to use the Internet wirelessly with high speed and quality.

 What is Home Access Gateway ?

It is a modem that receives 4G signals to provide Internet connection.

 Complaints & Faults

 How do I register a complaint or fault?

You can register a complaint online by logging into "My Account", and clicking  "Contact Us" in the navigation. Here you will be able to open and raise a complaint by selecting "Complaint" from the category dropdown menu and filling in the details. 

And we welcome your call on GO Customer Care on the following number  08111011180.  Or visit us at a GO retail outlet to speak to a friendly GO representative.

 Contacting GO

 What are GO's contact details?

Contact us at GO at any time:
Customer Care
Tel:  08111011180

Email: care@go.com.sa

Head Office
Atheeb Telecom Consortium

P.O. Box 250398

Riyadh 11391

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Email: info@go.com.sa

Telesales:  08111011180

Email: sales@go.com.sa

Points of sale include GO’s Store Locations & GO’s Partner Store Locations.

Email: business@go.com.sa

 What is GO's Customer Care number?

You are welcomed to call our Customer Care on: 08111011180.

 Joining GO

 What are the requirements for creating an account with Go?

Go account creation requirements:

1. Over 16 years of age
2. Provide a valid ID (Saudi ID, Iqama, GCC IDD, Passport).

 Where can I join up with GO?

At GO's retail stores , our partner stores , over the phone or online at www.go.com.sa

 My Account

 Can I add more than one account under one subscription?

Yes. A customer can obtain more than one account (maximum five) under one subscription, and one username & password can be used to access\manage all accounts.

If you have more than one account with GO (under one subscription) your personal details (including e-mail address) will be common for all of them.

 Can I suspend my account temporarily?

No, not at the current stage.

 How can I make suggestions to GO?

We welcome your suggestions at GO Customer Care phone number: 08111011180.
Or send us an email at: care@go.com.sa

 How can I pay for GO services?

1- Cash.
2- Cash-on-Delivery (COD).
3- Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard).
4- SPAN.

 How can I unblock my online account?

If your account is blocked it means you have tried to login 5 times with an incorrect password.

To unblock your account simply click the “Forgot Login Details” link & follow the prompts.

Once "Forgot Login Details" email is sent, you should reset your password then your account will be unblocked.

 What details does "My Account" contain?

Upon logging into "My Account" you will be able to:

    * View\change your account details & email address.
    * Change your password.
    * View your payment history.
    * Add services.
    * Log a complaint or fault.
    * Contact us.

 Packages & Offers

 Can I apply for more than one Broadband Internet subscription?

Yes. You can have more than one Broadband Internet subscription (five as a maximum).

 Do I need to pay a deposit for the Modem device (Home Access Gateway)?

No you don't need to pay a deposit for the Modem.

 How can be updated with new GO packages?

TV, Radio, Newspapers and other advertising media, in addition to our website www.go.com.sa

 Using Coverage Map

 What does GO coverage include inside the Kingdom?

Currently GO's services are available in Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah Al-Mukarama, Al-Madina Al-Munawara, Yanbu,and Khames Masheet. We are constantly expanding our coverage to include the rest of the Kingdom; we will keep you posted as soon as we include your area in coverage. We welcome your inquires through our friendly customer care on 08111011180.

 Why can't I view the coverage map?

You should make sure that you have Java plug-in installed.