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Customer Rights and Responsibilities

Customer Rights:

  • The right to know service features and price details, and any limitations or exceptions, or any applicable fees when exceeding these limitations or exclusions.
  • The right to be provided with the service as agreed in the subscription contract, and in accordance with CITC regulations.
  • The right to receive a copy of the service subscription contract. Signed and certified by the service provider. Upon request the customer may acquire a copy at any time, provided that such request does not exceed a year after service termination.
  • The right to receive a paper or electronic invoice - for any amount paid to the service provider, stating the service that has been paid, amount submitted and payment date.
  • The right to receive the service from all service provider outlets. Without restricting or limiting some services at specific outlets.
  • The right of confidentiality of his information and calls, which are guaranteed and may not be viewed, or listen to, or recorded.
  • The right to receive without any extra charges on a regular basis a clear, accurate, and detailed bills, and as preferred by him in Arabic or English, paper or electronic.
  • The right to have a credit limit on the service; stated clearly in the service contract and the monthly bill.
  • The right to request a reduction of the credit limit; provided it is after the reduction not less than the minimum value of the package, and shall only be increased upon his request.
  • The right to have his invoice not exceeding the total amount of the credit limit; with the exception of last call processed before reaching the credit limit, and usage charges while roaming, and the increase in the value of 10% of the credit limit in the event of requesting to reconnect the services.
  • The right to request to terminate the service, this request does not need the personal presence of the customer unless in the case of final termination of the entire service, if subscribing to the service requires personal presence.
  • The right not to be billed any financial compensation; unless for the services that he requests.
  • The right to transfer his mobile phone number between operators, in accordance with the procedures and obligations of MNP.
  • The right of having continuity of service, and not to be suspended or terminated; unless according to applicable regulations.
  • The right to get prove of his request to terminate the service, and not imposing any fees on the terminated service starting from the submission date of the termination request.
  • The right to have any excess amounts paid returned during thirty (30) days from the date of discovery of the excess amounts, or the service provider may transfer the said amount to any other service account of the customer upon his request.
  • The right to request suspension of the service for a period of not more than (12) months; provided that the customer pays recurring charges for that period.
  • The right not to bill for service charges during non-operational days of the service if such interruption was due to the service provider.
  • The right to file a complaint to the operator. Through all possible means. Whether electronic or via phone call or personal presence and obtaining a complaint reference number.
  • The right not to be claimed payment of the amount that is subject to objection , during the statutory period until a decision is made regarding the complaint, and not to have any suspension or termination of the service because of that amount, during complaint processing.
  • The right to resolve his complaint by the service provider, within a period not exceeding (5) days from the date of the complaint.
  • The right to escalate the complaint to the Communications and Information Technology Commission. If his complaint was not resolved by the service provider or if he was dissatisfied with the solution provided.

Customer Responsibilities:

  • Review the service terms and conditions carefully before subscribing.
  • Comply with the service terms and conditions and not to abuse the service; such as deliberately making a connection that violates the rules of public morality, or has menacing characteristics, or triggers panic or inconvenience.
  • Assume responsibility for all the numbers registered under his name.
  • Verification of the invoice when issued, and adherence to statutory duration of filling a complaint on the invoice by filling the complaint before the next invoice.
  • Payment bills due to the service provider, within the payment periods specified in the bill, in order to avoid service suspension or termination.
  • Follow the instructions sent by the service provider related to the use of the service while roaming, to avoid incurring large invoices.

Customer Complaints Handling Procedures:

  • The complaint shall be filed within 60 days from the date of issue of the invoice unless it becomes apparent that the user is unaware of the disputed invoice. 
  • You will receive a reference number for your complain via SMS or E-mail with details. 
  • Complain processing duration will be sent via SMS or e-mail. 
  • Complaints will be processed within 5 days.
  • When your complain is solved, notification will be sent via SMS or E-mail. 

You can also submit requests / complaints via the following channels:

  • Calling GO Customer services number: 08111011180.
  • Visiting any of GO shops.
  • You can also submit your request or complaints through GO website  after logging to your Account or via ( Email ).